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Abortion is Self-Defense


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My original short story about why YOU can't (or shouldn't) travel through time

Sixteen-ish years ago, I noticed that every time travel story I'd read or seen had left something important out of their story. Go read the short story I wrote, making sure to include that "something important!" (It's free!)


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Read one of my earlier reviews of the great Disney movie FROZEN

Eight years ago, I wrote my first "How I'd" style move review. Go read it and see how I'd have made Frozen a better movie!


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Go read my essay on how you can write strong characters!

Ever notice how sometimes you just don't believe a character in a book, show, or movie is real? I notice this a LOT and now I've written an essay on how to avoid writing weak characters in YOUR stories! (It's easier than, apparently, some writers realize!)


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Go read my nerdy essay on how Bigotry Does Not Belong Among Us Nerds

I know I just wrote about bigotry earlier this week but now you can go read my essay on how wrong bigotry of any kind is from a nerd perspective! (Trust me--it's a really good angle to fight back against bigoted Star Wars fans!


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Go read my essay on Racism, Sexism, Bigotry and Writing

It's 2022 and we still need to talk about racism, sexism, and bigotry in general--but how often do we do it in the context of writing? Read my piece inspired by recent and age old a-holes being awful!


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Check out previous episodes of Robots in Your Area!


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Read my review of The Book of Boba Fett

This action figure is old
enough to drink alcohol in the US.

The new Obi-Wan Kenobi show premieres this Friday (5/27/22) but I wrote a "How I'd" write an Obi-Wan show back in early 2020! Go read it and see what I would have done before you see what Lucasfilm did! Maybe mine will be better! Or maybe it will be worse... 😳


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